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What do I do when I join Church 4610?

If you have decided that you want to dedicate your life towards following Jesus Christ, CONGRATULATIONS!

You may have a few questions on what to do next, as the decision you have made is a life changing one. As such, we want to help you grow your faith in Him!

The following acronym explains why all believers need to have The B.A.S.E. present in our lives, as it will not only grow our faith in God, but it will also strengthen our relationship with Him and with other believers.

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The Bible

Growing our faith begins with reading and understanding the Holy Bible.

Believers must read the Bible everyday, writing down notes that peek our interests, and ask ourselves “How can this passage grow my faith in God?”.

Doing these things daily will further our trust in God, deepen our knowledge of His word, and reveal its application in our life .


As human beings, our associations often identify and support who we are and what we do.

As such, our association’s as believers must be Christ like, and must support the growth of our faith in God.

We must associate with God through constant prayer and proximity, as well as doing these things with other believers who associate with God in the same way.


As believers, we are no longer our old selves, but are now renewed in Jesus Christ by His Holiness.

Therefore, we must also renew the way we use do everything in our lives, and live in a manner that best represents Jesus and His Holiness.

This process is called the Sanctification of our lives, which helps us become better people by inviting God’s will and presence in everything we do.


The evangelization of our live’s means bringing the Gospel of Jesus into every human situation.

As believers, we are responsible and commissioned to help change individuals and society by the divine power of the Gospel itself.

The validity of our faith does not only come from what we believe, it also comes from the way we help others; especially those separated from God.